VRF System

VRF System

Many of you will by now be familiar with the terms VRF or VRV and are likely to have had some experience with these systems in the buildings you manage.

The intent of this paper is to provide general background information and raise awareness of the need for meticulous care with the installation, maintenance and/or alterations made to these systems, to avoid potentially expensive remedial work.

The information and observations made are presented as an independent view, with necessary generalisations to ensure the document is neutral toward all brands. While the basic system operating principles are similar for all VRF systems, technical differences between brands, such as 2-pipe vs. 3-pipe configurations, mean that any specific issues must be taken back to the system manufacturer to seek the most current and accurate advice.

As a system, VRF has a lot to offer in terms of efficiency, running costs, flexibility in use and control. As with any system, it suits some buildings, applications and climates better than others. Competent designers should be able to provide you with guidance on where these systems are most suited with respect to a particular application.

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